Personal Narrative: Kaneland Mcdole Elementary School

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In the middle of the winter of the 5th grade school year at the Kaneland Mcdole Elementary School, I decided to cover for my best friend so he wouldn't get in trouble from my teacher. It was very cold while I waited at the bus stop every morning trying to amuse myself by sliding down the icy driveways. Ethan S., Sergio, and Grant were my best friends in 5th grade. Sergio was Mexican and a little shorter than me. He also sat next to me in desks of 5 or 4. Grant was the best of friend anyone could have. He loved sports and sitting next to me on the bus. We got on the bus and on the way to school. Upstairs in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th classrooms in room 215, I felt really cold on the outside and inside. Everyone in the class watched me come into the room…show more content…
I got up and made it to the front of the line. I looked at the specials board and it was gym then music. I really wanted to go to specials today. Specials are like our exploratories in 6th grade except we rotate them every day. Although, the teacher has been yelling at us, gym was okay. Mr. Graves was the best. To bad he left in March. A half-an-hour later, we line up to go back to our classroom. We played Capture the Jacks which is one of the best games in gym, and it was so fun. It is almost the end of the day in which we end with my second favorite lesson. Math with Mr. Berger. Again although my class has been yelled at alot, math was really fun. We learned about tessellation which is formed by repeating one or more shapes so they fit together without leaving any gaps or overlapping. We drew those and it was so fun. After we stopped drawing, we acquired our items and got up to line up to go to our original classrooms. It's a shame. I had so much fun drawing instead of learning math. But, the day must end. And I liked it! We headed back to our classrooms to get our backpacks to get packed up for the end of the
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