Personal Narrative: Kansas

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Kansas was a dull and dreary place. The farm I lived on was a dusty and flat piece of land. I could see the land touch the sky in all directions. There wasn’t one tree on the property. The sun could become extremely hot at times especially with my fur coat. It was tedious. The dust blew with the slightest breeze and stirred up with every step. Being that I was low to the ground, dust frequently was in my face.
The house was small. It provided the only shade from the sun. There was a kitchen and two bedrooms. The kitchen also had a door built into the floor leading down to a room under the house. The gentleman and his wife kept their bedroom door closed, as I liked to sneak in to nap on their big bed. They didn’t like me on their bed and got mad when they caught me in there. However, in the kitchen, both of them would give me treats.
This couple was very mellow and low-key. I would refer
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She was a young lively spirit like me. The couple viewed Dorothy as odd. Dorothy would run around with me and play with me all day. She made Kansas a fun place. She had kindness in her heart and a sparkle in her eye. I enjoyed her spunk. We always woke up expecting surprises and had adventures daily. Dorothy always allowed me to sleep in her tiny bed. She would gently rub my belly every night until I fell asleep. As long as we were together, it didn’t matter where we were; we made the best of it. I was Dorothy’s dog, Toto.
Today I could sense that something was different though. As Dorothy and I were playing outside, Dorothy saw the couple standing frozen, looking out the door at the sky. Then, it was as if her playing stopped suddenly. The sky quickly darkened as I turned to look toward where the sky touched the land. With a loud noise, a drain appeared and it was moving closer. It reminded me of the water crate on the farm. When the water was drained and cleaned, there was a swirling. However, this drain was different. It was large and from the
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