Personal Narrative: Kason And Hayden's Death Of A Scout

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This is a story of the time I almost died. It happened about two years ago at scout camp in an Eastern Idaho scout camp called Little Lemhi. My scout group and I tried to get this merit badge called Environmental Science. The friends’ names are Kason and Hayden. There was more, these are just the ones that were there for the… incident. For this merit badge, we had to go out into the camp’s trails to explore nature for fifteen minutes a day. We found this nice spot. It was around eighty degrees farenheit, but the trees blocked the sun’s burning rays from our skin. The mountain breeze cooled us, and the serentity was the complete opposite of the chaos slightly downhill, in the network of clearings. “Holy cow,” Hayden shielded his eyes against…show more content…
Hayden, Kason and I were climbing a sixty at lowest. We would use our staffs (a story for another time) to push ourselves up the trail, and would reach our hands out to grab on something. We had climbed about twenty feet of this fifteen foot wide sixty degree trail before it narrowed to a three foot wide path up the mountain. In the mouth of that path, two thick trunks stood close together and the path split between them. That’s where we rested. We sat down on the trunks’ roots and threw rocks at the base of an oak right in the middle of the large path. We then sat for a while, then walked up the at least seventy degree path, using all our energy to push ourselves up the path. Halfway the ground leveled up for a small sitting space. I looked across the miniature valley where the camp was located. The mountains and hills were before us, and it was beautiful. On the closest hill, maybe two hundred yards away, there was a beautiful clearing on top. Kason pointed to it. “Cade, look! There’s an elk on the clearing edge. We all watched the elk and her calf graze for a while. Then we resumed climbing. On the top we, we all high fived. Hayden had an idea, “Let’s leave something up here!” We found a large stick and carved our names in

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