Personal Narrative: Keep After The Same Road

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Have you ever felt like you could just go and do something extraordinary but you are too scared to take a risk and go for it? A quote from Robert Frost that says “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” This quote has helped me a lot and it could help others as well. The quote has taught me that if I keep after the same road, I would not change anything and everything is going to go the same way it is going. This quote can make other people realize that by going a different way than someone else that could change it all and everything could go better and if they stay in the same road then nothing is going to change. By going to the less traveled road instead of where everyone goes, you realize you are better than you ever…show more content…
They were not very influential but they were my best friends and I enjoyed hanging around with them. We used to go everywhere together, hang out every night. School came and my grades were low and it was not because I was dumb it was because I did not care. I did not care about school I thought that after I graduated I was going to move out the house and live by myself. I thought that everything would be over and that I would still be best friends with my friends when high school ended. We even planned us moving to California together and just live life.

Then it hit me, how am I going to live in a really nice place or have a decent job if I cannot even get an A in any class. I reflected my life and realized that it was not good. The way that I was going I was not going to get anywhere in life. I knew that I was better than I was; I knew that if I tried I could really get somewhere. So then I took a risk and decided that this was no one else’s fault it was my fault and the decision that I made that brought me there. I tried everything to get my grades up and me a better
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