Personal Narrative: Keeping Up With Kardashian

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During my personal time I often find myself reading, watching TV or simply trying something new most of the time I am Keeping up with the Kardashians or reading about a Vampire but other times I am reading Hillary Clinton’s biography or watching the Republican debate on YouTube. Unlike most young adults my age, I focus the majority of my time on political debates and new technology. Although I enjoy keeping up with my fictional novels about vampires, werewolves, and fairies or the American royal family, the Kardashians, I would much rather be gaining information on the future American President. Most people will vote for their party, the next group will vote for Clinton, either because she is a female or a familiar name to Americans, or…show more content…
Being in Health Occupational Students of America has molded me into a health conscious person, who always wants to do as much as possible to help in any situation. I learned how to perform CPR and First Aid training at my local military base because on a family vacation I was witness to a life or death situation, where a woman began to lose consciousness. I was frightened and wanting to help but left clueless, my mother began chest compressions and I became sick at my lack of knowledge and inability to come to the woman 's aid. I joined the courses and became familiar with the techniques and every two years, I sign up to keep my license and certifications. Throughout the years I have also obtained my hunting license, gun safety license, fishing license, boating license, and became a certified para professional. But from all the activities I have obtained knowledge about and all the licenses I have acquired, the ones that bring me the most joy about having are my CPR and First Aid. These two allow me to be prepared for most situations that would send most people into a panic, which would make problems worse, with these two certifications at my aid I can adequately handle many situations under any
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