Personal Narrative: Kimmie Chang's Home

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Growing up I had many friends. I lived in an extremely diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. My neighbor consisted of families from different cultural backgrounds. There were the Changs from South Korea, the Martinez family from Puerto Rico, D 'Amato 's from Italy, and the O 'Neill 's from Ireland. The air always smelt of delicious ethnic cuisines, all of the languages were interesting to listen to. The best part was which each family had children close to my age. I was invited to dinner at who ever 's house I chose to have play time that day. I found myself analyzing conversation at the dinner table, and observing the way each family 's lifestyle was so different than mine. I learned a lot from my friends and their families I could write a book.
After school one spring afternoon, I was invited to play over my friend Kimmie Chang 's home. I experienced healthy eating at just the age of eleven. South Koreans eat healthily in fact Only 3.2% of South Koreans are overweight, which ties the country of Japan for the lowest percentage of the world. I enjoyed kimchi for the first time, a spicy pickled cabbage which had my taste buds soaring. Pork belly and seafood stew also covered the table. Kimmie taught me how to use chopsticks for the very first time that night. There were absolutely no
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It was not until high school when it really sank in that every family has its distinctive lifestyle. From the way they eat, to how they celebrate, and how they talk. What a beautiful thing. If everyone was the same then what would this world look like? We would be a bunch of robots and how boring would that be. Each family 's distinctive lifestyle makes them who they are. Their ancestors come from different countries dating back centuries and how it travels through the family line is incredible. I have a lot of respect for people in general, where they come from makeup who they are and their lifestyle reflects that. Now that I am older, I still love to eat
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