Baby Fat Short Story

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I woke up this morning with a terrible headache. I reached for my soda by my bed and took a swig of cola. The liquid went down my throat, and I could feel my body slowly come alive as I broke the fast with the caramel liquid. Getting out of bed, I walked over towards the bathroom to take a shower. I looked into the mirror and beheld myself. At six feet, tall and two hundred and forty pounds. I wasn’t built like a brick house, and I wasn’t lean, my body was flabby but not fat. I had black hair that would be considered “medium” per most video games. My eyes were a dark blue, and my face still had traces of baby fat. Overall not attractive, but not entirely ugly, just a normal eighteen-year-old. I went about my morning routine of taking a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on deodorant. I walked into my kitchen and prepared myself some breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and another cola. I sat down and began to dig in and turned on my television and set it to the news. I took a look at the clock in my kitchen, and it read it was eight in the morning. All of the sudden I heard a “ding.” Followed by a strange voice, and letters appeared in my head, “Hello mortals, it is time to start your planets evolution. It has been put off long enough, about a thousand years…show more content…
That soon changed, when a feminine voice decided to fill my skull. She said “Congratulations! Your planet has been chosen to evolve. The lowest level of evolutionary energy is being injected into your planet. Mana is now available for you to use. Animals will have a jump start evolution because of the mana in the air. One month will be given to prepare before new species will be migrated towards your planet. Think status to show you your status. As of right now no one else but you and deity class beings can view your status. When the new species migrate, some will have the capability or tools to see your
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