Personal Narrative-L Is For Lake

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L is for Lake "Can I hang out with Lindsey this weekend?" I asked my mom, as she pulled down a suitcase from her closet shelf. "Also, what are you doing?" My mom carried her bag over to her bed. "Oh, I forgot to tell you. We are going to the lake for the weekend. So no, you can 't hang out with Lindsey and I am packing for this weekend, and you should probably get started too." I rolled my eyes and walked out of my parents room and to my own. It seemed as if everyday of the summer we were going camping or going to the lake. I never had a free weekend to just be with my friends. I pulled down my own suitcase and began to pack, it not taking long. All you ever need to for camping is some t-shirts and shorts, and a swimsuit. I was finished
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