Personal Narrative: La Libertad

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I loved that place. There were a lot of people and I knew some girls and boys from La Libertad. After, we decided to return at 15:00pm. My father took another route and until our house we took around 3 hours, we arrived at 18:10pm. I slept during the trip. I was tired like yesterday, but I enjoyed this day, I really loved the trip. How my parents bought fast food in a store, my mother just dished up the dinner, this was at 18:30pm. Before to take the dinner, I saw the wall, and I didn’t like so much, but I can do nothing, so, the most important is that the wall is different and more comfortable. While we was dinning, we watched a movie. I finished to eat at 19:10pm, and I brushed my teeth. I was playing video games until 20:23pm and I wanted
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