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Clouds began to roll into the small town of Springvale around mid-morning, and the rain followed shortly after. It was easy going at first, but quickly became torrential. The brightness of the morning was consumed by the ravenous appetite of the clouds, turning day to night. This kind of weather was not uncommon for the coastal town during the summer months. Many of the citizens of Springvale relished the constant rain. “We haven’t had a drought in twenty six years,” many of the older citizens would proudly proclaim. For Laci Clark it just meant fewer tips for the day and getting rained on when she took the trash out. Stormy days at the little seaside diner, where she worked, were long and drab. She had hoped her manager would let her off early, but it was looking like she would be staying late. She glanced around the empty dining room lazily. The rain pelted the large Plexiglas windows making a constant buzzing that drilled into Laci’s skull. A few yards down the steps leading up to the diner she could vaguely make out Seward…show more content…
At that point the clouds pulled away from the moon. A large heavy eye gazing down on the scene. Its light meant just one thing. Time was up. Laci whimpered again as the figure loomed over her. Then all at once she had her arms around his leg and her teeth plunging into his ankle. Warm copper smelling blood filled her mouth and ran over her face, matting into her hair. Her assailant screamed loudly as Laci pulled away violently, severing his Achilles tendon. The now-wailing man fell into a puddle, water mixing with his own blood, gazing in horror at the sight before him. Laci’s bones snapped and reshaped, her clothes ripped apart as her form grew larger, black claws sprouted from her fingertips. The blood in her mouth full of sharpening teeth tasted like honey. The last thought she had before the animalistic instincts took her over was of how he would look on tomorrow’s

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