Personal Narrative: Lafayette Escadrille

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Hi, I’m Eugene Skinner, and I was part of the Lafayette Escadrille during World War I, which was a squadron of primarily American fighter pilots who fought for France before the United States entered the war. Although I lived in France at the time, my roots were dug in the US, and I came over seas because my father told me that all races were treated equally there, and for the most part, that was true. However, when I first moved to France, the only job I could find was one as a carnival target, which sufficed until I was noticed for my boxing talent. Just before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, I moved to Paris in hopes of making it big, and I did: I ranked number four in the country before I enlisted. But why would I end something so wonderful, you ask? France had been so good to me, and I felt obligated to return the favor. When I arrived at camp, I instantly felt like I was back in the States; I was an outcast because I was the only one who spoke french and because I was black. The others in the American Squadron were Blaine…show more content…
It was strange to see such a beautiful country demolished by something as evil as war. If I could unsee one thing from the war, it would probably be trench warfare, and I’ve seen men literally explode while flying. The landscape is so barren in between the two trenches; it’s no wonder why it 's referred to as “no man’s land.” Men wait for the cue from their Lieutenant to storm from the trench, and the only outcome is bodies scattered and shrapnel littered across the battlefield. During one of the aforementioned flights (they blur together after awhile), Beagle’s plane was hit and he spiraled downward into “no man’s land.” I watched as Rawlings stupidly goes after him. Not able to see much, I flew off, but from what Rawlings told me, trench warfare is ruthless; a French came to help lift the plane wing off of Beagle’s hand and he was instantly shot. They show no

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