Personal Narrative: Lake Cumberland

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Lake Cumberland is a best-loved place to go for vacation mostly because of all the memories created there, but my favorite trip there was when we went camping this past summer. Since summer was ending and there was a three day weekend, my family decided to camp at the lake. Friday after school my mom, dad, sister and I drove down to Kentucky with the boat and stayed at a hotel, so the next day it would only take about an hour and a half to get to the dock. That hour and a half is a lot better than six hours from our house! Once we got down to the dock, we payed and took everything out of the truck and put it in the boat, then everyone but my dad had to get in the boat and my dad backed it down the ramp. I try to block most of this out and…show more content…
I had music playing and I was climbing up rocks and found this one that sat up high and overlooked the shimmering teal water with the breathtaking sunrise resting on the horizon. I climbed up and after deciding it was sturdy enough I sat there until everyone had woke up. Then, it was time to go back to the dock to get ice, bait, and shower. For the rest of the day we all hung out on the water swimming, tubing, wake boarding, and me taking every possible chance there was to take a picture. This trip really showed me how much I love photography and need a better camera. Later on that day we decided to try to find Horseshoe Falls and that’s when things seemed cursed. On our way there our boat started to act funny, so we stopped took a break. Then it worked fine, at least that what we thought for about five minutes, then it stopped completely. After my uncle and dad tried to fix it, we decided to just call it a day and go back to the campsite. They towed us with a piece of rope the whole way there taking about an hour and a half. Once back we started a fire and everyone had steak but me of course had a grilled cheese, and after dinner we got to have pies which was a big highlight for me since it was anything but grilled cheese. It later turned into an adult conversation, since all the kids left to find frogs, so I got inattentive and went to the rock I found earlier and started a time lapse while sitting to watch the
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