Personal Narrative: Lake Wauberg

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I originally thought spending thirty minutes outside alone without any technology, friends, or distractions was going to be extremely difficult for me. I do not consider myself an outdoor kind of person. So when I first read the assignment I did not really want to do it. I decided since I had to do this I would go some place that is really nice in hope that it would make it easier for me to tolerate being there. I went to Lake Wauberg here at the University of Florida. I went to the side that has the open lake area. As I walk around I saw many things. There was a lot of vegetation and forest area. Also their was a grand view of the lake itself. I was no the only person there, but it was not too crowded. I watched a couple paddle boat around the lake.…show more content…
I walked up and sat down near the shore of the lake. There was a part where they had put beach sand leading into the lake. I knew there would be this area so I brought a towel with me so I could lay on it. I laid on the towel and took in the environment around me. I could hear the laughter of people. There were birds around and I watched them walk around for a little
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