Personal Narrative: Las, Cruces New Mexico

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If you are feeling a little confused that’s okay, this is judgment free zone. I am twenty three years old and on the verge of graduating this December, And my interpretation of messages changes every day that I mature and grow as a person. Everyone is different and entitled to their own unique interpretation of messages. For example, I am Mexican American I was born in Las, Cruces New Mexico but my family is from Mexico. And everyday I find new meanings in the messages I receive from parents. Because I think in both Spanish and English so my translations are a bit different. From the words I exchange verbally with parents to the way I view them as my Mexican parents growing up in America. I can recall countless times growing up that I was not…show more content…
And this sign was suppose to be used when I felt that I was not being heard. So that I may have my turn to speak and be heard. And give my message to the audience I was addressing. Ranging anywhere from a friend, teacher and parent to even the bus driver. Well. I brought this sign home and used with my mother during a disagreement we had. I at the time found a pair of matches and I was playing with them and burned a hole on the couch in the living room. Well like any other parents reaction my mom screamed "Rafa que estas haciendo" translation Rafa what are you doing. She started yelling at me in Spanish and using words I didn’t know to describe how unsafe and idiotic was for me to do that. At least that is what I interpreted through the verbal messages she was giving me. So I pulled out the sign and my mother out of fury ripped my sign and threw it on the floor. I am not exactly sure what she thought of the sign. But obviously the message she was getting through this sign was not a great one. Today, my mother and I can safely laugh at this situation. Luckily for me she does not have any left over feelings from this altercation. However, after years of bettering my skills in the communication field I have learned how to interpret the messages that my parents and I
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