Personal Narrative: Late Adulthood

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The period that I enjoyed the most was the first two years. I have a niece who is now 20 months old and it has been fun watching her grow and reach certain milestones. While studying this chapter, I tried to make reference to her and use her as my guidance in understanding the chapter and its contents better. One thing in particular I remember her going through is separation anxiety. My sister lives on the East Coast due to her husband’s job, but she has come back to continue her education. When she first came back, my niece was only attached to her and would not let her leave her sight. I remember the first few times my sister left her to get a shower, even if we had her in the bedroom next to the shower, she cried the entire time. We tried everything in our power to get her to be quiet but at first it did not work. Within a week however she…show more content…
At present I do not have any adults in my life that live close to me that fit into that category so it is hard for me to relate. I lost my maternal grandparents, who lived with us when I was young, my grandfather when I was a baby and grandmother at the age of 7. Late adulthood can be a depressing time. People in this age group are starting to slow down, they are getting dementia, and are no longer able to care for themselves and need to be placed in a facility. While is it great to reach milestones and live to be in your 90s and 100 if you do not have all of your faculties it may not be a fun time for the individual and is also stressful on the family. My great grandmother will be 100 next August, she is forgetful and can no longer care for herself. She keeps saying that she is not sure why she is still alive and is ready to go. She has lost all of her close friends as well as her husband. Living to this age and being alone can be very depressing for many and I am not sure if I want to live this long if life is no longer
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