Personal Narrative-Laying On The Beach

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The Outer Banks in the middle of July, the temperature is in the high nineties, kids are building sand castles, and seagulls are swooping down stealing your food. Laying on the beach, you can distinguish the northerners from the islanders that crowd the hot baking sand. The golden sun kissed islanders and the lobster red northerners all come together to enjoy the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, except when it is shark season. During shark season is when my family of lobster red northerners decided to pack a van and head down to Hatteras Island. The most memorable event of this trip was the day when there were three bored cousins, forty dollars burning holes in our pockets, and a vastly wide and empty ocean calling our names.That day my cousins, Jacob and Jenna, and I did not know what to do with ourselves while we were sitting on the beach for the hundredth time this week. We already jumped waves, we already went out to the sandbar, we wanted to do something different and…show more content…
Jacob firmly told Jenna and I to grab a paddle, but after five minutes of trying to paddle with all the Superman strength we could find we were going nowhere. While we were sitting there and this tornado take us away Jacob asked if I could stick my paddle in the water and see if I could feel the muddy and sticky bottom of this cloudy and murky water. Nervous as someone who is about to skydive for the first time, I stuck my banana yellow paddle in the water. In absolute silence my cousins watched as the paddle and my arm went underwater . Looking at Jacob and Jenna I shook my head and at that point we gave up. Completely alone and drifting out into these shark infested waters, we were terrified. My mind suddenly thought of my favorite movie, Jaws, and with cheetah speed I grabbed that paddle. By the grace of God we made it back safely.
My cousins and I have never been happier to hear our parents yell at

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