Personal Narrative: Leadership At Canyon High School

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I am a member of many different associations at Canyon High School, but the club that has made the most impact in my life is Leadership. Leadership is a selective program on campus that invites students who have shown leadership qualities to improve them to make a bigger impact. I was nominated into the program my freshman year and have carried on with the program all throughout high school. The club’s main focus is to encourage students to use their leadership qualities to prevent and stop bullying. As nominees, we undergo a two-day training session that exposes us to ways to improve ourselves and those around us. Videos of the columbine shootings, suicides, and bully victims are shown to impact students to be the voice to prevent any events like these from occurring again. Along with these…show more content…
This experience made me realize the potential impact I am able to have in someone 's life. It has motivated me to really take action in the things I involve myself in. This being said, my freshman year I started becoming more active within Canyon High and interacting with more students. In December of my sophomore year, I received a summon to my third period classroom. On the summon the words “see me at lunch” were written. It was signed by Mrs. Hanks, the program 's organizer. I was quite afraid because I felt like teachers only had to speak with you if something was wrong. I anxiously went through my next periods thinking about what mrs. Hanks had to talk to me about. The bell for lunch rang and I got ready to walk to her classroom. As I walked into her classroom, I was pleasantly greeted with a warm smile. I was still nervous. She “there 's nothing to be worried about, I just have a question,” she began telling me my peers have noticed my activeness within the student body. then she asked, “I 'd like to know if you would like to become more involved with the program.” My expression shifted to complete contentment and I gratefully accepted her

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