Personal Narrative: Learning How To Ski Powder

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A memorable experience I have is learning how to ski powder. If you don’t no how to ski powder then you will hate it. Let me tell you my experience. It was the year 2016 the snow was up to my waist in powder. I get out of the car to feel the cool brisk winter air on my nose and get ready to go. Everybody told me how fun powder is to ski. When me my dad and older sister start to head down to the lift my ski binding is to loose and my ski came off. Luckily I was not that far from our car. So we went back to the car and fix the problem. Finally we get on the lift I was really excited. Over at the run called sun boll we head down. Right off the bat I’m stuck and have to roll out. I get stuck about a billion more times tell we get to the bottom.…show more content…
I get on the lift without ski trouble and get to the top. I get ready to go down in this week 's powder but this time my dad gives me some advice and said, “hop when you turn.” I call it the bunney method. I try it out and it works. The sensation is amazing. It feels like you 're flying the snow lays out makes it so smooth. When you crash it feels like a pelow. It is incomparable and rare to get such good snow like that. IF you get a patch of fresh powder take it. The smooth powder makes it feel like flying. Though I’ve never flown I think it would feel like this. We get to the bottom and there is a line to get on the lift and go again “Why does there have to be a line.” I complain. “We could go as singals.” my dad suggests. We don’t though and wait. When we get on the lift the ride drags on. I see people ski under me ruining the powder. Then I see it the top. The place where I can try to repeat the skiing. I Prepare to head down. We go and my ski grabs the edge of the snow and crashed. It didn’t hurt. I got up and we continue down the hill I figure it out again and again it gives me the flying sensation. Once at the bottom the line again and one last time I ski it and it feels like flying. So at the end of the year I new how to ski powder and experience the feeling again. The event that it brings will keep bringing me back. Keep experiencing it. Maybe I will still be skiing when I’m old and if I crash who
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