Personal Narrative-Leave It All On The Field

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Leave It All On The Field Have you ever been in a situation where you doubted something you were hoping for so much you thought it was impossible, then it actually comes true? Best feeling ever right? That is exactly what happened that day. It was 2013. My softball team had gone undefeated all season. Every other team we played was no competition, until we played Ridgefield. They had also gone undefeated all season. But this tournament was allstars. None of the previous games mattered until that weekend. We shut out the other teams and made it to the championship bracket on Sunday. We had not played Ridgefield until then. It was a scorching, dry and unbearable day. The sun beat down constantly with temperatures that had reached 90 by noon, and I was our teams catcher. Shin guards, a chest protector and a helmet all day. I could hardly take it, but I wanted so much to win so I dealt with the misery for one day. The first game we lost. It was a close game with a score of 4 to 5. Nothing eventful happened, but it was the first game we lost all season. Everyone began to lose hope, the crowd and the team. Few of us had hope we would win in the first place, but that numbers rose after our loss. Our opponents were just so good, but we knew we had two more chances to win The next game was close as well. As time dwindled down to the last inning we were…show more content…
My head darted up to look into my glove just to notice the large yellow ball in it. I was in shock and stood up looking at my pitcher, Clarissa, and the rest of my teammates who were running at me as fast as they could. They surrounded me hugging me and cheering for me. I could hardly comprehend what was going on. I was in awe. “Did that really just happen?” I asked everyone smiling and out of breath. My coach gathered us together and congratulated us with great enthusiasm which was rare from him. We lined up on the line to high five the other
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