Personal Narrative: Legacy Of Heroes

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Legacy of heroes “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." When most people think of heroes, they think about Spiderman and how he always saves the day, yes I thought that to during my childhood. Now I realize that Spiderman is only a fictional character and that only actual spiders can shoot out spider webs. The real heroes are the people that have been with you through everything. A hero is courageous, strong, and willing to do anything in tough situations. I never knew how courageous my mother was until the day my father had an at work accident about 5 years ago, he was in the hospital for a few weeks but when he got out he never really stepped out of his room. It felt like he had completely given up, he did not want to work, I think it was because he was terrified of being involved in another accident. My mother stepped up, payed all the bills, keep us feed, and still always found time to spend with us. Then last year my dad finally stepped up and got a job, he has been working very hard though, my mom said it felt like she got a load of her chest as soon as he started.…show more content…
A hero is not just in comics or movies they are in reality, the people willing to fight for something they want to achieve and/or succeed in. My mom's father did not give her the option to study so she only made it to the fourth grade before her dad made her drop out. She pushes us everyday to strive for a better tomorrow because she does not want us to fail in live. To be that is true
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