Personal Narrative: Lego Conquest

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Conquest I am a Lego soldier fighting in defense of my people. The history of my people started in a far away country of Denmark. In the 1960’s we immigrated to America and since that time we have survived fire, the hammer and teenage boys. I have a story to tell of great bravery and courage protecting those in danger from a terrible foe. Our forefather, Ole Kirk Christiansen, would be proud of our efforts to protect our way of life. There is an enemy to the Lego clan that we have fought against for many decades. It has a great power that no Lego can escape. This demon has preyed on many of my people. Its power can only be defined as an amazing gulping void. We must defeat it in order to survive. It was a dark and stormy evening in the toy box. I was on watch with my Lego brethren. We had lost many comrades to our behemoth…show more content…
We must be swift in our attack because many lives are at stake. If we don’t defeat the monster our way of life is no more. The most important thing is to avoid its long noodle arm with an absorbing orifice. We will attack immediately and our efforts must not be vain. Our weapon of choice will be the holy artifact, scissors; found in the deepest part of the toy box. We creped over the ledge of the trunk, 200 Lego soldiers in all. I carried the instrument of destruction. I whispered, “Steam ahead, brethren”. We closed in ever so stealthy approaching the beast. The long arm of the creature lay dormant on the floor the monster seemed to be sleeping. We must be careful not to wake him or we will be sucked up his tentacle. I located the tube that nourishes this mighty beast with power. The tube of power was not attached to the port in the wall, but lay silent next to the beast. We acted quickly the soldiers raised up the cord and I cut the teeth off. His power was gone and victory was ours. We returned to the trunk to celebrate
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