Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned Before Writing

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As the journey begins as far as my memory can take me around mid-1997. I’m not sure if this is common, but the way learning came knowing how to read before writing. The situation can be very complicated or simple. I believe if you know how to read, then you’ll be a good writer. The author may not know what they’ve written due to not knowing how to read. They are now putting themselves in a predicament that they 're unable to get out of. At the age of one communication between me and my parents became easy. I’ve read between the lines at a young age. It took up to 15-16 years to see that. My mother and father would visually have me learn where things were located. Even learning about the location of where the items were at, such as: The kitchen which at the time was known simply as the place to eat.…show more content…
The kitchen was easy because knowing that is the place after we woke up every morning we eat at with siblings. The second place that became easy to learn about being the playroom full of fun objects. It was the place my imagination was enormous due to not going outside consistently. The consequences of getting a beating running up the stairs crying made me always know that my actions were wrong. I may have been in the wrong place and touching items that did not belong to me. Learning does not always happen in a classroom which is not required in life. Most people can learn more outside of a classroom than they can be in one. Words that were spoken just began to follow each other in order. That allowed me to start speaking and communicating fluently to those in my household, such as my brother, mother, and
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