Personal Narrative: Life After Christmas Break

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I remember it like it was yesterday: the day I lost my uncle. He had made a big impact on not only my life, but those in my family also. It all began before Christmas Break my uncle told us that he had to go to Oregon for a business trip. The roads were frozen and dangerous to drive on, my dad told him to drive safe, knowing the conditions of the roads and the weather. Then during Christmas Break on Tuesday ,December 29,2014, my family was told that my uncle was dead. He died exactly four days after his birthday. Such family events, or deaths like these open the eyes of the families and cause one to drive more carefully, and be thankful for the family members that they have.

It all happened in the mid-winter. Some of the causes could be
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Also, the distance from Seattle to San Diego on I-5 is about 1,255 miles, according to Google Maps.” That is a lot of places, in which these workers must plow at least once a week, or every day! And depending on the weather the roads would get harder and harder to plow, and the bigger and larger the requests for the workers to plow the neighborhood become!

Also, states “Because of their hazardous and changing conditions in winter weather, the Traction Advisory Areas warrant extra caution and chains or studded tires may be required if you choose to drive on these streets, hills, and bridges.” Driving during winter on these roads, takes a lot of skill. The driver must be cautious, and must always know what they are doing.

In order to solve this problem, states should raise money. They can do this by holding many fundraisers, as much as it takes, and state activities or entertainment, for the money needed in order to purchase these snow plows, which are very much needed in the winter, to prevent or lessen the occurrences or amount of these devastating car accidents that do occur during the winter every year that in some cases can cause families to break
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