Personal Narrative: Life After Giving Birth

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after giving birth to my son in 2011 I have been struggling with being overweight and just all around unhealthy. I 've gained in between 65-70 pounds durin my pregnancy of course it was from overindulging and not eating healthy. unfortunately, lack of the right nutrition/exercise it all caught up with me when I had my son. He was diagnosed with a heart defect and numerous of other major/minor things. he had to have opened heart surgery at two days old and another followed shortly after, plus all of the other things that were wrong as well. we pretty much lived at the hospital for the first three years of his life. he is now five years of age and is doing much better! so, with all of that being said, my focus after giving birth of course wasn…show more content…
I let myself go, I was stressed and worried about my son. I 've gained a lot more weight on top of what I gained durin my pregnancy. it has caused low self esteem, depression, insecurities, fatigue etc.. i 've tried going to the gym, Doing workout videos and even eating right. but I wasn 't able to stick to it. I was missing something, I was missing accountability, support, motivation, encouragement, and just someone to believe in me when I didn 't believe in myself. I now have that and so much more! my mind is made up. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I want my confidence and self esteem back. I want to feel good about myself again. I 'm striving to be a better mom, wife, etc but more importantly a better me! in the last three weeks, I have lost 20 pounds and I feel amazing! I have goals set And I am reaching them one day at a time. I am beyond excited to tell you all, that through this, I have decided to join the team and become a health and fitness coach myself! I thank God for this opportunity. I want to share my journey and help others create there own. are you ready to become a better you? if so, feel free to message me or comment below and I would love to help you and show you where to get started! thank you all for the love and
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