Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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The lunch bell rang loudly in my ear as I packed up my materials from math class. As soon as Mrs. Millie released our class, I raced everyone else in our grade to my locker so I wouldn’t have to wait in the back. I quickly entered the combination into my lock, snatched my lunch box from the top shelf and met up with Whitney by the cafeteria doors to get a good table that wasn’t in the back corner where we normally sat. “So, how have you been since... you know the situation with your dad?” Whitney asked me quietly as we sat down at our lunch table. “Fine. I guess. How am I supposed to feel?” I question. “Really, how have you been doing?” Whitney repeats. “Well am I supposed to be happy about it? Obviously I’m sad,” I answer quietly. “Sorry…show more content…
In this case, my family is handling this problem well. We are trying to keep positive thoughts. I feel that I have became more responsible from this because I have to take care of Anyia even though my step-mom does too. Also, I am trying to create a closer bond with my step-mom and became a lot closer with Anyia. Now that it is Saturday, I can just take some time to get to know my step-mom better. After we had gotten our nails done, we had decided to go to the movie theater and see the new movie, The Scorch Trials. After that, she had taken me to A&W to get root beer floats. My step-mom and I had a great time together and I would want to do it again. It must have been about five o'clock by the time we got home. Later that night, I was thinking about today and how I didn’t regret one second of it. Obviously close relationships don’t just happen like that. If I hadn’t tried to get closer with my step-mom, my life could have been miserable and I would dread living with my step-mom. Just think of the people in your life and try your best to create a good relationship with somebody. If you try your best, good can come your
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