Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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Everything is not as Bad as it Actually is
I believe to always consider every possible outcome of life and not make judgements too easily. This all started about a month ago, it was the middle of summer, school was just about to start and I was very nervous about starting high school, along with being excited for learning new things, although I was mostly scared about getting a bad grade.
As the days approached, many of my friends and I discussed of how we were all scared for our first week, scared of homework, tests, essays, and all sorts of frightening things. We all were eager to see how high school would be like.
Time went on through the summer, and school was there before we all saw it coming, I’m sure none of us were welcome to waking up at 5:30 AM five out of seven days of the week. However, I surprisingly woke up on time just to eat some breakfast before heading out the door.
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Coming back, I thought of how it all went, nothing terrible happened, I thought to myself. The first day was actually fun, meeting friends I haven’t seen in two months, the feeling of excitement was brought back to me as nothing was stressful about that day. As I returned home I thought of what I discovered that day, everything wasn’t so bad. Although this was only the beginning, everything was bound to get harder with tests, homework, and all of those
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