Personal Narrative: Life After The Cold War

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I wake up to a sudden rush of cold winter air on my face. I open my eyes but for some reason the world is still dark. I shut my eyelids tight and try to force color back into this cold world. I open my eyes a second time. The world is still mostly dark but I am now seeing foggy blotches of white. Again I repeat the process of closing and opening my eyes a few more times until I can properly register my surroundings. The first thing that I notice is that the world went from all black to all white. I am lying in a white bed, with white bedsheets. All around me there is only white. There isn’t anything in the room except from a white table in the middle of the room and my bed. No windows or anything. I wonder where that cold air came from? I get…show more content…
There is a slight pause as I try to digest this piece of information. “Right now your memory must be a bit hazy but don’t be frightened, your memory will slowly start to come back. Judging by the confused look on your face you do not remember why you are here. At Ethos we have found groundbreaking technology that we can use to help war veterans and their post traumatic stress disorder. After the 30-year long war with the aliens-” ALL OF A SUDDEN A HEAD SPLINTERING HEADACHE HITS ME. I fall off my bed and trying to get away from the pain. I cannot evade it at all. IT 'S IN MY BRAIN! I feel like a snake is slithering around in my brain. I feel a light jab, of what feels like a needle made out of a cloud, into my left arm. As quick as the headache came it goes away. I get up slowly looking up at Sarah to see her smiling for a split second and then it disappears. She pulls me up in one swift motion so I am looking at her eye to eye. “You are a former soldier of the Humans. You are here because Ethos wiped all of your memory of the war. Now that us humans have won the war Ethos has been instructed to wipe all the memories of every single human in the world because the war caused too much mental
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