Personal Narrative: Life Without Obstacles

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Life is not life without obstacles standing in our way; obstacles are what make us a better or a worse person. In a college student’s life obstacles are an everyday thing because we do not only have to worry about school, but about our homes and jobs. Maybe our mother is sick and there is no one else to take care of her, so we have to stay and help her. My barriers are not something I can fix overnight, but I am trying. My father died when I was two years old, so my mom had to take care of my younger sister and me by herself. When I turned five, my mom decided to come to the United States to give us a better life, so we went to live with our great-grandmother. In 2010, my great-grandmother died, so our aunt took pity on us and she decided…show more content…
My mother is always working hard to provide all the necessary needs in our house, but she cannot give us things that we want, so I decided to work so I can be able to help her with the bills, and pay for college. That is my first barrier. I am the oldest child, and it is my responsibility to help my mother and siblings even if I have to sacrifice my own time. Thanks to God I am finding a way to have time for work and school. I work with one of my aunts and she is helping me find the best work schedule so I can have time for school, and enjoy myself at least one time per month. My life is not easy, but if I have my family with me everything is possible. The second possible barrier to my education is my economic status. Like I mentioned before my father died, so I depend only on my mother and myself, and college is not cheap. I am in the process of becoming a permanent resident of the United States, but until then I do not have access to FAFSA and other type of scholarships, so I have to pay college all by myself. I am trying to overcome this barrier by doing research about scholarships that do not care about immigration status, and can help me be the first one in my family to graduate from
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