Personal Narrative: Little Brother Big Change

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"It 's not what we have in life, but WHO we have in our life that matters" - J.M. Lawrence

Little Brother, Big Change

I have never been someone who can adapt to change easily, yet change is something that helps us evolve and become better people. I have always believed that change, whether big or small was something unfortunate and dreadful but change can be opportune and enhancing. When I look back over the past couple of years, I can now establish that change doesn 't happen to pull you back, it happens so it can push you forward. Growing up, my life was good. My parents were still together, me and my twin sister got along, we had a house and food on our table but in an instant that can all change. I can still remember the exact moment my parents decided they were splitting up. I was in grade 7, and as anyone can say grade 7 is one of the hardest grades to be in and in that moment it got even harder. All of a sudden that change made my life go into a downwards spiral. My mom, my sister and I moved into a small house and my dad moved in with another women. I barely seen my dad which was hard on me since I was so used to always being with my family. I then became deeply insecure, worrying about what people thought of me, my eating and sleeping habits changed, and my grades were slipping because I started
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My brother has changed my life and my perspective. Watching my brother grow up has changed me for the better. I used to be unhappy with everything in my life, my parents splitting and the aftermath, but now I am happy and it is all because of my baby brother. He makes me laugh and smile and makes me give thanks for the little things in life. My brother has shown me to worry less and has taught me a lot about patience which are qualities I did not portray before. I can also say that I am much more confident in myself then I used to be. He has shown me how to be carefree and although I still have my days I am in a much better place
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