Personal Narrative: Little Intellectual Disability

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On the morning of August 13, 2009, my mother was in the hospital giving birth to my baby brother, Michael. That day was a magical day for my family and I. After he was born, the doctor took my new brother to the back to run a couple of tests on him and make sure he is completely healthy. We waited patiently by my mother 's side as she began to rest. The doctor soon comes back in and says that he is fine to take home.
We went home the next day and our lives were much happier with him in it. Michael was as beautiful as the stars in the sky and sweeter than candy on Valentines Day. I loved having a younger brother to look after, but little did I know, I soon would be the one he leans on the most. My family loved and cared for him and he grew little
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I had learned about this in my Health class, this disability limits functioning and adaptive behavior, which covers practical skills. The disability explains why he could not talk, read, write, or even use his fingers the right way. The doctor began going over all of the symptoms of the disease, but I could not focus on her words. I began to think of how he fits this disability and started putting the pieces together. At his last birthday party, we had water guns and his fingers could not pull the trigger on one or even hold it right. His body did not function right sometimes and it took him a little longer than normal to take his first steps. Everything started to make sense to me now. My brother may never say his first words. I may never get to hear him call me ‘sissy’ or even talk to him about his day. Life has been this upside down roller coaster ride that I could not seem to get off of. It felt as if I were on a ride that has been submerged into water and was trapped. My heart began racing, my palms were sweating pools, and my chest was so heavy that I felt as if I could not breath. In that moment I took him into a tight embrace while he still did not know what was going
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