Personal Narrative: Living In Missouri

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Barely awake, I overheard my parent talking in the in the living room. Curiosity took over me as I slowly Got off my bed, silently crept into the hallway, and behind the wall. My brother Blake, who was also awakened, followed me. As we were listening, only one word hit me like my grandma slapping some sense into me. And it was that one word that destroyed my old life. Thinking that I have gone to live in Missouri forever, I had an unexpected surprise. I lived in Missouri for 9 years. Sure, there were a lot of bad things going on in Missouri but, who cares. I don 't, that 's for sure, I spent most of my time in the backyard playing with my brother Blake. I also enjoy going to school there too, because my best friend Jared was there. Including a girl who I had a crush on ever since kindergarten. Everything was going what I wanted it to be until one night just as Blake and I were slowly falling asleep, we heard talking in the living room. Now, I knew that I wasn 't allowed to get out of bed at night, but since I was still awake I decided to go anyway. So, I got out of bed, Silently crept into the hallway and hid behind a wall. Blake surprisingly has also been awakened and followed me. As we stand in the darkness of the hallway, we silently listen to our parents talking.…show more content…
"Javon"whispered our mom, not trying to wake up our baby sister. "Yes," dad whispered back. "What are we going to tell them" "Tell them what" "That we 're moving" At first, I thought she was joking until I saw her face. I can 't believe that we 're moving and made it worse was dad 's response. "Oh yeah, I remember well it looks like that we have to tell them, tomorrow it 'll be a surprise". Well, guess what, the surprise is ruined and now I 'll do what a real man does.... go back into my room, get on my bed, and cry silently so that my brother doesn 't know that his big brother
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