Pet Girl: A Short Story

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Living on a pet store for almost all her life has been pretty boring. She’d always wondered why is it that no one ever took her home. All she did is stay in her cage, eat and sleep. She was just a little puppy that liked to recieve love gestures, food and a lot of sleep. She was born on the streets and a good man took her there. She prefered being there than on the streets because there she had a shelter, food, baths and good care. She never actually met anyone. I mean she had but after a few weeks they always got adopted, left and forgot about her. Why is it that no one adopted her? Was she ugly or something? She hoped to get adopted one day, by a good family that would take good care of her.

It was a normal day as usual. She woke up, ate and went back to sleep. She must have slept for a couple of hours or so because when she woke up, she saw people in the store, which meant it was probably noon. A family was looking at other dogs, but no one went to see her. After a while, a little girl approched to her and started doing silly faces. She stood there for a couple of minutes and then left. That day was bath day so the doctor came, checked on her, gave her a bath and left her in the cage again. She ate and then went back to
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Suzie treated her like if she was the last Coca-Cola of the desert. She knew from the day she saw Suzie, she and her had a special connection. From all the family, Suzie is the one that best treated her; but that didn’t mean the others treated her badly. They all treated her nicely. She was the only pet in the house, which was something good because their attention was focused on her. The apartment had 3 bedrooms, one for the parents, one for Suzie and one for the big sister who was called Mary-Anne. There were 2 bathrooms, for the parents and for the girls. The kitchen was small but it had just what was necessary. The living room had some furniture and a TV. Every night they all gathered there and watched a
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