Personal Narrative: Looking Back At A Middle School

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Looking back at my middle school years all I can see is a series of awkward moments. If I could go back with the knowledge I know now I do not think I would do that much different. I probably would not try to fit in so much. I always tried to fit in to cliques, which is a group of close friends who do not let in outsides, and I was trying to be like them instead of myself so I could fit in (Berger, 2014: 365). Trying to fit in I think I lost who I was and tried to become everything I was not. Trying to find my identity in seven and eight grade was a mess also. If I could go back I think I would tell myself to find a friends that I actual related to. I think in the long run that would have helped me. I did not do many risky things as a teenager
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