Personal Narrative: Looking Back At Spring Break

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It was the Friday that we went on to Spring Break, we had skipped the whole day almost, but we still made it to school. The girls and I were ready to spend time together before I went off with my mom for Spring Break like I always did for each break. We had a feeling that things would pop off, but who would 've known it would of all happened all so fast.
Months prior to this situation a old friend and I had got into a little altercation, and we had stopped being friends, Faith was her name. Faith, and her best friend Shayna, and I all rode the same bus and they had started bullying me, so I tried to avoid riding the bus as much as I could. It even got to a point to where I couldn 't even make it home because I feared they would jump me, so my aunt ended up breaking me up from another school. At that point I decided to start getting even, and so did my friends. We started making posts about each other, trying to fight each other, even spreading rumors. We never made it into something so big that we would get in trouble, or maybe I spoke too soon. Myeisha, Kameron, Tymeisha, and I came up with a plan. Shayna and Faith both got off at the same stop I did. So we were going to wait until the bus leave, and we were going to fight them to end this whole rivalry once and for all. But, plans didn 't go as
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I ended up having to stay with my mother the whole summer. Getting to know new people, surrounding myself with positive people, even was willing to go to a new school to start a new life, a good like with positive vibes. But in the midst of everything I got scared, scared to start my whole life over. Yes, i was only in tenth grade I had two other years left in high school, did I really want to start over? To answer your question, the answer was no. I wrote to Mrs. Jones, letting her know how I did change over the summer, my attitude, they way I acted, talked, presented myself, and the fact i 'll never be in a situation like that again, and she let me back into
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