Personal Narrative-Loosing A College

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Greg stared up at the ceiling, eyes wide in the darkness, hoping for his questions to be answered, or at least leave his mind, and let sleep come. The struggle of picking a college, a choice deciding his future, had kept him up every night for the past week. Until recently he had put it off, thinking there was more time. But suddenly, after a completely undecided mind met acceptance letters that awaited answers, Greg found himself awake, mind constantly debating, comparing his options, and still never reaching a decision. A big college like UVA-while potentially more fun-wouldn't allow him to further his basketball career like a small one would.
Tomorrow came the day of the big game. Greg woke, not even close to fully rested, covers strewn across the bed, pillows lying on the floor, a sight easily displaying the hard night of tossing and turning …show more content…

He knew it was coming though, a new type of freedom, a new step in his life, the only problem was deciding which way to go.
The gym’s stuffy air and faint smell of feet brought a certain feeling of discomfort to many, but the brown and gold that colored the floor and walls, and the fluorescent lighting that tinged the entire space a light green, all helped bring Greg back to his happy place as he stepped out onto the court, for the last game of the season.
Sweat ran down his forehead, his face red, and body heavy. Tonight he had played his best, every turn and decision had felt right, and now, with ten seconds left, they had crushed the team of any hope they had had of winning. One second remained and Greg took the last shot from a little past half court, a final basket for his high school career. Possibly the last basket in his school career Greg thought, adding to his own thinking. But what hit him the most about that thought, was the fact that it didn’t hit him. At least not as hard as he thought it

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