Personal Narrative: Loser Vs. Cubs Game

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Personal Narrative It all started when my mom told me she got me tickets to a Cardinals vs. Cubs game. The game was going to take place on September 20th, which is a month before my birthday. So these tickets were my early birthday presents. Right away my mom and I looked up where the seats were located. They were really nice because they were six rows up, and in the section right next to the Cardinals dugout. After that she explained how we would get there telling me we would drive up to Quincy,Illinois. We would then take a train all the way from there to Union Station in downtown Chicago. We wouldn’t get there until late, so we would stay in a hotel that night. Then the next day we would take a Subway to the stadium. After that we would…show more content…
Cubs game! And the day we would get to Chicago. It was a Saturday after a long Friday night football game, so i had a Saturday football practice. We did the usual stuff. We jogged a double figure-eight. A double figure-eight is two laps around the track and two laps around the school. The double figure-eight is about a mile long. After that we watched some film. Everything was pretty boring but I got through it. After that I had to wait about three hours until we left. That was torture to me honestly because I was so excited about going. After the three hours of torture we finally left. The drive to Quincy was about two hours long. I slept the whole way there though. Once we got to the Quincy train station, we got on the train. It was pretty nice inside and the seats were fairly comfortable. The train ride was pretty long though. It took a whole four hours to get to Union Station. I had a burger and doritos while on the train. The burger wasn’t amazing though. I didn’t really sleep at all on the way to Union Station. Once we got to Union Station I was pretty tired, but it was really cool in there. We got to walk through the city to get to our hotel. It was pretty cool seeing all of the skyscrapers. We finally arrived at the hotel after about twenty minutes of walking. Once we got to the hotel, my mom and I went right to sleep knowing tomorrow was going to be a big
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