Personal Narrative: Losing My Culture And Language

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Losing My Culture and Language When people view my brown skin they assumed I can speak Spanish fluently. When Hispanic people talk to me, I try to answer back in Spanish. They stare at me with a confused face and tell me that I don’t talk well in Spanish and that I don’t have an accent. It hurts me on the inside because I feel that I don’t belong in the country that I was born in, which is Mexico. I was only six years old when I first came to the United States. I left my native country as a result of wanting to observe an unfamiliar place. I wasn’t expecting that when I stepped into a strange country that I would lose my culture and language. The reasons that I lost and am trying to find my culture and language is school, family,…show more content…
My first grade teacher named Ms. Loomis was racist to Hispanics. She restricted us Hispanics into talking in Spanish. She wasn’t devoted about my culture when I wanted to talk about it with other people. My speech teacher named Ms. Sánchez tried helping me learn my language and English by improving. She made me write and talk in both languages. She showed me pictures of Mexico. She and I would bake Mexican goods like Mexican sugar cookies. I still remember trying those cookies. I would hear the stove’s timer ring signaling that the cookies were ready. They had a sweet baked aroma. They were superb light brown circle cookies covered with sugar. They were remarkably soft like a fluffy cloud when I took my first bite. I try to learn about my culture and language with students in school. With Hispanics, it does not last long since I don’t remember my language and they prefer to speak Spanish. The problem that I don’t speak Spanish is for the reason that I mostly form friendships with Americans that don’t speak Spanish. I am also shy, which prevents me from talking to other people in Spanish. As a last point, I have lost and am trying to regain my language because of the teachers and
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