Personal Narrative: Losing My First Dog

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Have you ever lost something of high sentimental value that you may never get back? You can start from scraps to rebuild it but it will never be the same… Losing my first dog due to medical problems was very heartbreaking, and I would like to share how I was feeling with you.

On my first birthday, my twin and I received a puppy as a gift. The little puppy was a Boxer/Bull Mastiff and we named her Beta. Over years to follow I’d grown extremely attached to her which influenced my love for all animals. Beta started to get into things causing her health to decrease little by little but she was still perfectly fine until she grew a tumor on her right shoulder.

As time progressed Beta became ill. Vets told us she grew more tumors that were not visible and could not be removed, and she had a hip problem. Little did we know that these medical issues were actually a common medical history of the breeds she was mixed with. Beta stopped moving around as much, wasn’t as playful, and didn’t eat as much anymore. Then one day my mom took my twin, Beta, another one of our dogs, and I to the animal shelter. Mom told the helpers what the issue was and they suggested that we put Beta down
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Beta now lives in memory from 2000 to 2012. Depressed for me was an understatement. I cried over my dog for days and still cry to this very day when I think about it. Beta was my heart. I miss how she always was so happy to see us even though she was hurting, always showed the most love when we came around and was always so calm and cool around strangers. Beta was the biggest and nicest pet I’ve ever had and I always wish I still had

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