Personal Narrative: Loss Of Life

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2 weeks ago the most unthinkable thing of my life happened…..Flashing back to when it happened it was such a blur i could hardly remember what really happened..That party was such a fake i can’t believe i went to it ! Remembering that i was screaming out for help but No one would come to save me...Being in the situation where you don’t know where are and day was the day you were going to die was the scariest thing ever or be kidnapped or raped but just speaking/thinking of it makes me cringe speaking of it all that’s exactly all what happened! Never thinking that you 're going the biggest party of the year to get raped. But, you would never think one of your closest friend would betray
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Laura was not school the next day and i need this video taken down. All she is doing is destroying my life and i can 't take it. Im going to hide in this janitor closet forget life. Been here for about 2 periods now and Thank the lord no one has came in here and found me skipping class but if i told them why i was in here they would understand hopefully….but being in this closet gives me a migrane due to all the cleaning supplies stocked up the walls and all the brooms and mops everywhere.As soon as i walked into the high school i could feel the tinchen was on there was a part of me that was scared and another just so confused….They pointed and called me a....JUST NEVERMIND it’s to embarrassing and depressing to tell you. I just want to get out of here and run away and die i don 't understand why i have to go through this why did she post that it 's everywhere now 1.5k views and 1k shares ugh i hate my life! I’ve been calling and sent over 100 texts...And im tired of this can i just kill myself already?!? Later that night becoming more depressing and sad but i realized that maybe she was doing it for a reason because of when i stole her boyfriend in 7th grade or maybe it was just because she wanted me to die or maybe it was because she just hated me in general i still don 't understand why she won 't give me any clues….Nothing. I just want to know but i dont want to deal with this
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