Personal Narrative: Loss Of Personal Identity

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Ever been tested by people, well if you have you would know how that feels. I was tested twice, once by kids at my school and the other by someone (who I want to keep their identity to myself because of personal reasons), and these are people who I thought cared about me but not as much as I thought. The thing that really got to me was what they all said because when I was ten (in my mind I can replay that day like it was just yesterday) the kids told me “you are not worth anything, you will never be anything in your life, why are you still trying to be something that you will never become you are just wasting your time.” About 1-2 months ago the other person told me “you are not worth anything why do you even try it’s not like you can accomplish…show more content…
I was already having problems that same day., It was a Thursday morning when these three kids walked up and said to me when they told me that it made my blood boil (it does not help when I was already in a really bad mood),From there on I was mad at people because i thought they looked at me differently, that no one cared about me that I was on my own. I was really mad at people I didn’t talk to anybody for about 2 weeks because I was hurting and shut everyone out. When people would ask what had happened to me why was I changing, it didn’t help that I was having problems and that I don’t have anyone that I would trust to talk about…show more content…
If you act like you don’t care about people you should care about, you won’t know what you 're missing in your life till you lose it. I unfortunately have lost the care that I didn’t care about and it’s really hard because at this age I need it the most. That is how I am tested because I have to fight to get passed what they have told me and try to believe that what they have said is not true and to not be hurting. I feel like I am being tested because I acted like I didn’t care about people who cared about me and now well they don’t care about

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