Personal Narrative: Lowell Middle School

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Imagine that you have been trying something hard for so long and then finally just quit. I have always had ok grades here at Lowell Middle School. this year I started to go in the lower range of grades like D’s to C’s.But other years at lowell schools were not even close to years like this.And getting bad grades created a wildfire in eigth grade for me.This is a big problem because this could affect test and exam scores. I have never been excited about bad grades because most of my friends get good grades.This year I have become the kid that the teacher talks to after class because of them having a failing grade.
My family does not get excited about me getting bad grades.My mom has been trying to find me a tutor but has not been very successful in finding her task.I say to my parents that i am trying my best to find and get help from teachers and fellow students but I think to myself that i have been lying becasue i have not been trying my hardest. If i think about it i havent been trying at all. About a week ago my family and i had a conversation about bad grades.It sounded a little like this.
Mom: “Jon you need to grades up before the end of the trimester,”. Jon: “i am trying, its just a little frustrating”.
We have that same converstion about two times a week.I
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It is not fun and it should not happen to anyone.To the people with bad grades who dont find help or ways to fix it “goodluck”.I understand the struggle and sadness of getting bad grades.Some of my freinds have bad grades ans struggle to even care about it.That will someday be a big problem if poeple like me do not get help.Even the littlest bit of help with contibute to the struggle.This does not have to last forever and it shouldent.You should get the quick experiance of having bad grades than quickly seek help.But never wait for ever to get help when having bad
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