Personal Narrative: Lumpy As A Child

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It’s weird to think that a floppy stuffed animal can have such an important place in a child's heart, but it can. My favorite thing when I was a child was a stuffed elephant named Lumpy. He was named after a character in Winnie the Pooh. He was blue and flopped over whenever I tried to sit him up. I always had him with me when I slept. When I would wake up I would set him up on my pillow and make it look like he was waiting for me to return. I could take comfort in the fact that he was always there waiting for me, and that he would always be right where I left him. Whenever I would travel I would make sure to bring him. Seeing that blue floppy elephant as a child made all my troubles melt away. Sadly when we grow up our problems become more complicated than…show more content…
I was in 7th grade and I was on spring break with my family. I had brought Lumpy with me on the trip. During our third day there my mom had us switch rooms for some reason. What I didn’t know was that I had left him in the first room we stayed in. I started crying and thought I had lost him forever. My mom called the front desk, but they said they didn’t see him. I was devastated. When we returned home a package was on our front porch. It was from the hotel, and in it was Lumpy. I rejoiced, and was so thankful that the hotel mailed him home. Lumpy will always have a special place in my heart. Looking back on all of my memories based on Lumpy, I am really glad that my mom decided to make me wait two months before I got him. It was even more special when I got him because it was something that I really wanted, and actually cared about. When I look back on the incident with the hotel, it taught me a very valuable lesson, which is to never bring something that you care a lot about on vacation. Other than that, I’m glad that I had a special stuffed animal that got me through my childhood and made my days
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