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Magic the Gathering has had a big impact on my life. I started playing a few years ago, and to be honest, when I first started playing, I never would have thought I would enjoy it as much as I do today. I constantly create and edit decks, making strategies and thinking of how to make a deck as versatile and strong as possible. No deck is perfect, but with the right strategies you can prevail, much like how life is. When playing the actual game, I enjoy thinking on my feet and coming up with ideas to defeat new opponents. Playing MTG has introduced me to some of my best friends, and has helped me with my confidence in social situations.
If I get this scholarship I would use it to aid me in my path to pursue a career in neuroscience.
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Whip of Erebos is an artifact with two abilities-give all of your creatures lifelink and for two black mana, two generic mana, and tap Whip of Erebos, you can bring a creature back from your graveyard to the battlefield with haste. The second ability is amazing in a pinch, but the first ability is where Whip of Erebos shines. I play an Orzhov exile deck with lifelink, and the card is a game winner. It is nearly undefeated, and it is an absolute blast to play. Whip of Erebos is one of my many trump cards in that deck. Paired with Alhammarrets Archive, I will never run out of life. There has been times I can take over 20 damage, and still have 50 life left (my friends in casual ignore the life-out rule because of me). One of my best friends gave me Whip of Erebos saying it would fit my deck well, and it has been one the best cards for that deck. I have also started running a Sultai delve deck, and Whip of Erebos has been surprisingly fantastic with both abilities. The deck lacks in gaining life, but Whip of Erebos paired with any of my creatures is a solid way to gain life while my opponents lose life. The second ability allows for a quick bring back of a hard hitter with haste. I am not quite familiar with the deck yet, but Whip of Erebos is easily going to be a staple in the it. All in all, I love Whip of Erebos, and it is the best card ever gifted to

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