Personal Narrative: Make Baseball Great Again

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Harper’s first full year without injury came last year where the 23 year-old played in 153 games. The league found out fast that if you give the emerging superstar a full year, you can take the “emerging” part out of the equation and just call him a superstar. His 2015 season read like this; .330 avg, .460 OBP, .649 SLG, 42 HRs, 99 RBI and 38 doubles. All of those are very impressive, stupid impressive if you will. So going back to how is Bryce Harper the new face of baseball? Well, he meets all three of my requirements, and does it louder than anyone else in the game. Does he put up All-Star numbers? Check. Is he appealing to the younger crowd? Well Harper’s been vocal in wanting to “Make Baseball Great Again.” In an interview with…show more content…
You can 't do what people in other sports do. I 'm not saying baseball is, you know, boring or anything like that, but it 's the excitement of the young guys who are coming into the game now who have flair.” So check. Do you want to see this guy play is the last question. So far in 2016 Harper’s played in 18 games hitting a homerun in nine of them. That’s a homerun every other game setting him on pace in a 162 game season for 81 bombs. Yes, I want to see that. The fun side of Bryce Harper is the part that separates himself from his peers. Mike Trout is a stud, and one of the best hitters in baseball, but Trout doesn’t excite the viewer as much as Harper does, because he doesn’t need nor want the flair, which makes baseball boring again. I mean, who else is going to make their 100th career homerun a grand-slam and pimp the hell out of it? And then hit another grand-slam a couple games later. No one except Bryce Harper, that’s who. Besides the home runs, and yes playing on the east coast helps, the fun side is what sets Harper apart. And if you start your argument against Bryce Harper saying “baseball isn’t supposed to be fun…” then your argument is over, because you’re old and forgot this is a child’s
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