Personal Narrative: Make-Up In High School

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I wake up on a Thursday to my alarm that goes off at 5 in the morning. I get up and go to the closet to find a cute outfit. I had two choices but I just had to pick one. The outfit was a white shirt, a maroon cardigan, jeans and some black high heels. I put that on then I went to my vanity to do my makeup. I would put on all the makeup on my face that honestly, I really didn 't need, but I wanted to look good for those guys at my school. When I was done with my makeup I went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast and went straight out of the house to go to school. When I finally got to school everyone would say hey and the guys would just stare at me. I don 't know if they were staring at me because they thought I was pretty or they were…show more content…
They won 't ever find out. So when it was Friday, I woke up at 5 in the morning, put my clothes on put my makeup on then ate breakfast and went to school. The same usual routine of my school days. My friend and I made up this whole plan that my parents were going to drop me off at school and I was then going to meet her in the back of the school. She asked me if that 's a good plan and I said yes, because I wasn 't used to making up plans that involve being a “bad” kid.She told me that I needed someone that I was going to hang out with at the party and I was confused. Did she mean a friend that 's a girl or a friend that 's a guy? She then asked me who I like and I told her about this cute guy. I told her that his…show more content…
He told me to drink it and I asked if we can talk first before I drink the drink. I just laughed it off even though that kinda creeped me out. He said in the most forceful way “NO,DRINK!” I was really scared so I just took the drink and had a sip. He just looked at me with his mean, cute eyes. So I chugged the whole drink and I couldn 't remember what happened. Everything was blurry for me. The only thing I remember was him and two other guys picked me up, took me to this dark room and sat me down on the bed. I was passed out when things happened. On Sunday morning I woke up with the biggest headache.I later got up and looked around. I ended up in the back of the school, on the football field with no clothes. I look over to my left and see the principle with a sweater and some sweatpants. She walked toward me and gave the clothes to me and I put them on. She asked me what happened but I told her that I didn 't remember. She took me home, and my parents asked millions of questions.I never answered one. Then it was Monday and I didn 't want to wake up, wear something cute, put makeup on or go to school. My mom didn 't understand why and she knew that I wasn 't going to tell her. I wore a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants and some black shoes. I was surprised I

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