Personal Narrative: Many Immigrants Move To America

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Many immigrants move to United States of America for better life. My name is Nahome Walle. I'm one of these immigrants who come across another country to seek a better life. I was born and grew up in Ethiopia. I never thought that I would be leaving my country and live away. But Some circumstances changed and I had to take a decision. I had to go where there were a good opportunities of education. For many immigrants, America is the land of opportunity and freedom. The decision to leave my country and move to America was a big step for me. However, Everything in America was strange to me : the streets, the people, and the language. America was one of my biggest challenge and my biggest fear. It was until…show more content…
In school, I listened to the teachers with confusion and there was no one around that I can ask for help. So the first goal that I set up for myself was to try my best to learn English as quickly as I can. English was a very challenging language to me and I had a very difficult time learning it. However, my hard works did pay off. I was able to communicate with others in less than a year. After knowing how to speak English, my life becomes easier. I began to make friends in school and have more confidence in myself. Although, living away from home made me independent. I had to do everything and solve my problem by myself. I was also responsible of organizing my life and achieve my goals. Life in America have many advantages. One of the advantages of living in America are freedom. We have freedom of speech in America. We can say what we have to say. But in other country we have to watch what we have to say all the time. If we say something bad about the government, then we are in big trouble. In America we can say what we want. We have rights in America. We have equal rights here in America. But in some other country like in Ethiopia, we do not many rights as we do here. We have do what the government allow us to
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