Personal Narrative-Marching Percussion Band

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Hello. So this is gonna be a really honest talk. This year 's been miserable for us for this entire year. We 've done our best to hold this group back, we 've had crappy attitudes, we 've done everyrthing incorrectly. And I 'm generalising, it 's not everyone. But I 'd say it 's more than half. I 'm not gonna take it anymore. I feel personally offended by it. That that behavior is a reflection of what you 're doing to the ensemble that I 've created. The conversation was discussed with doing away with the Marching Percussion program today, because of all the whining, the complaining, all this "oh my instrument" bull crap, and we can 't get crap together out here. I am livid about it. I designed this monster. I started the Winter Percussion Program. I have said that we 're gonna make marching percussion a…show more content…
And now, it 's just a bunch of bull crap. I am so livid about it. Because we took something that could be really great and special, and we destroyed our priorities, and we 're ruining it for everyone else. And that was the exact reverse of what it shoiuld have been. I 'm not going to take it anymore. It 's going to be a shutdown. A dreastic shutdown. Because now I don 't need it. I have 35 people that want to play everything, marching only. I need 5. I can have a marching band with 5. Okay, so if you think you 're like the pinnicle thing that 's going to hold the marching band together, it 's not. It 's not. So I 'm just going to stop. I 'm not going to tolerate it anymore. These crazy ideas of what we should be doing instead of what we are doing in here are done. I 'm not going to take it anymore. And I know everyone 's being penalized right now when it 's not everyone. I get it. But I 'm not ready to individual start uh calling individuals out. But we 're there. And that 's what we 're who 's going to start getting penalised. So this is like the last warning final straw and it 'll be "You. Out. Done. Give me your sticks,
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