Personal Narrative: Margaret, Cedric, And Ladreka's Life

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As I arrived at the house, I noticed that the father was not home. Margaret, Cedric, and Ladreka was at the house; Margaret was sitting on the floor with her head in her hands and the kids were running around playing. Entering the door, I noticed how angry Cedric looks as he is chasing his sister. Ladreka seems to not want to be bothered by her brother, but Cedric continues to chase her around the house as he is trying to slap and kick her. I also noticed how worn out and drained the mother looks as she is sitting on the floor. When I started the interview with Margaret she stated that, “I can’t deal with this anymore. Something has to change.” I tried to get Cedric involved, but he was too unfocused to participate in the interview session. Cedric seemed angry and screamed to me that, “Everybody thinks I’m stupid. Why don’t the kids at school like me. I just want to be their friend!” My interaction with Cedric was very limited because he was not willing to focus on the interview.…show more content…
The kids were running around screaming but the mother did not do anything to settle them besides yelling at them. She seemed very overwhelmed and not able to cope well with all the stress caused by Cedric’s actions. The mother had a defeated demeanor during the interview, as, if she has given up on Cedric. My next intervention move is to get Cedric into an environment that will allow him to focus in an individual counseling section. I will also want to have a family counseling session to address the stress that each family member is facing. This will be the time that I bring up the idea about getting Cedric
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