Personal Narrative: Mary Queen Of Peace

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I’ve been at Mary Queen of Peace for 9 years and have learned a lot about my faith, myself and growing up. I’ve made many friends, old and new, that have helped me along the way. I started kindergarten in 2007 with Mrs. Cordia and there we learned to get a grasp on school and our faith. We learned how to be kind to one another to an extent and got to sit with our 8th grade angels at Church and learn and grow even more with our community. My first year here was kind of a blur but I know that my classmates and I got the most of it. In first grade we started getting homework and that was the year when I knew that this school meant business. Second grade was the year when my class received first reconciliation and first communion and that was when I started thinking about how much my faith meant and how important it is. In third Grade, a lady named Ms. Nellie came in a talked to us about homelessness and her story of being homeless and that really made me think about how to treat people better and not to judge a book by its cover.…show more content…
Fifth Grade was a big year for me and my classmates. We were moving from elementary school to middle school. We were being handed brand new responsibilities like switching from class to class and figuring out schedules. In Sixth Grade I got the amazing opportunity to spend a week at Camp Lakewood with the rest of my classmates. There, we got to bond with each other, and do fun activities like zip-lining, making a parachute for an egg, and complete survival course. I learned a lot about myself and my peers and it’s definitely a memory that I will never forget. In Seventh Grade we were introduced to new teachers and new ways of learning. I was getting to know a lot of my classmates better and became better friends with
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