Personal Narrative-Maryville Prison Camp

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As the sun hit my face, I knew it was morning. I got out of bed, threw some clothes on and headed downstairs for some breakfast. As always, my breakfast was very disgusting. It looked like burnt scrambled eggs with a slice of mouldy bread, same goes for its taste. So I quickly ate my breakfast, got my suitcase and headed off to school for my year 12 camp. I ran to the school bus, grabbed a seat, put my headphones on and rested while listening to pop music.
After a few hours in the old bus, I saw Maryville Camp. The camp wasn’t what I had expected. It was very gloomy that it didn’t seem like a camp for students, but a camp for emo’s. As the students and I walked through the dead grass to the entrance, we were so shocked that we all knew that
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I felt cold, icy rain starting to pour down my left cheek as it dropped to the ground like 2 cars crashed together. It was definitely cold. We started to find logs and carried them to the camp entrance, but seemed to get lost. We ran everywhere until we came across, the abandoned house.
We dropped the logs and decided to go in to stay dry but as we entered the house there was already a sense of wariness as we began to walk through the dark hallway. The hallway was a torture room, filled with spikes and weapons to torture someone horribly. The walls were decayed and had spider webs in every corner. It was no doubt a haunted house. We headed back to the front door, but it was locked. “We are going to die! I haven’t even met my future husband yet!” cried Regina as she balled her tears out.
“Yeah, but wife for me!” agreed Eric. I assured them that we were going to be fine and so we bravely continued our way through the hallway.
We steadily walked to the stairs, but the lights started to flicker around us. Then suddenly, BOOM! The lights were out and the room was filled with total darkness. There was silence until I heard, “AHHHH! Something is touching me!!” Eric yelled in a pitched
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